Are Anchovies on Pizza Good? How to Make the Most of Your Toppings

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Do you like anchovies on your pizza? Some people love the salty, fishy flavor they bring, while others can’t stand the thought of putting tiny fish on their pie.

But are anchovies on pizza good? Let’s take a closer look.

Anchovies have been a popular pizza topping for decades, particularly in Italy, where they originated.

While some people may shy away from them due to their strong flavor and pungent aroma, others swear by their unique taste.

But whether or not you like anchovies on your pizza ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Some people love the way they complement other toppings, while others find them overpowering.

The History of Anchovies on Pizza

The Origin of Anchovies on Pizza

Anchovies on pizza are a contentious topic. Some people love them, while others can’t stand the thought of them. But where did this divisive topping come from?

The origin of anchovies on pizza can be traced back to Naples, Italy, where pizza was first invented.

In the 1700s, pizza was a simple dish made with bread, tomatoes, and cheese. But as the dish gained popularity, people began experimenting with different toppings.

One of these toppings was anchovies. Anchovies were a popular ingredient in Southern Italian cuisine, and they added a salty, savory flavor to the pizza. Over time, anchovies became a staple topping on Neapolitan pizza.

Anchovies on Pizza Around the World

Today, anchovies on pizza can be found all over the world. In some places, they are a beloved topping, while in others, they are considered controversial.

In the United States, anchovies are a relatively uncommon topping but have a devoted following. Many pizza places offer anchovies as an option, and some even specialize in anchovy pizzas.

In other parts of the world, anchovies are a more common topping. In France, anchovy pizza is known as pissaladière and is a popular street food. In Spain, anchovy pizza is often served with onions and olives.

Overall, anchovies on pizza have a long and storied history. Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that they have become an integral part of pizza culture worldwide.

The History of Anchovies on Pizza

The Debate: Are Anchovies on Pizza Good?

If you’re a pizza lover, you’ve probably heard the age-old debate about anchovies on pizza.

Some people swear by them, while others can’t stand the thought of fish on their slice. So, are anchovies on pizza good? Let’s take a closer look.

The Pros of Anchovies on Pizza

For those who love anchovies on pizza, there are plenty of reasons why.

Anchovies have a distinct salty and savory flavor that can add depth and complexity to a pizza. They also provide a unique texture that can be a welcome change from the typical toppings like pepperoni or sausage.

Anchovies are also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids essential for heart health. If you want to add some extra nutrition to your pizza, anchovies might be a good option.

The Cons of Anchovies on Pizza

On the other hand, if you’re not a fan of anchovies, there are some good reasons why.

For one, anchovies have a strong, pungent flavor that can be overpowering for some people. They also have a distinct fishy taste that doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Another downside of anchovies on pizza is that they can be quite salty. You should skip the anchovies if you’re watching your sodium intake.

The Middle Ground: How to Enjoy Anchovies on Pizza

If you’re on the fence about anchovies on pizza, there are a few ways to enjoy them without committing to a full anchovy pizza.

One option is to order a pizza with anchovies on only half of the pizza, so you can try them out without committing to a whole pie.

Another option is to pair anchovies with other toppings that can balance out their intense flavor.

For example, anchovies can be delicious with sweet and tangy toppings like caramelized onions or roasted red peppers.

Ultimately, whether or not anchovies on pizza are good is a matter of personal taste.

If you’re a fan of salty, savory flavors, anchovies might be right up your alley. But if you prefer a milder pizza, you might want to skip the fish.

The Debate Are Anchovies on Pizza Good

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Taste and Nutritional Value of Anchovy Pizza

If you’re looking for a pizza with a punch of flavor, you might want to try anchovy pizza.

Anchovies are small, oily fish that have a strong, salty taste. When added to pizza, they give it a distinct, tangy flavor that some people love.

Anchovy pizza is also a good source of nutrition. Anchovies are high in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for heart health and brain function.

However, anchovies are also high in sodium, so if you’re watching your salt intake, you may want to limit your consumption of anchovy pizza.

In terms of caloric content, anchovy pizza is similar to other types of pizza.

A slice of anchovy pizza typically contains around 200-300 calories, depending on the size of the slice and the toppings.

However, if you’re trying to lose weight, you may opt for a lighter pizza topping, as the high-fat content of anchovies can make it a less healthy option.

Overall, if you’re a fan of strong, salty flavors and you’re looking for a nutritious pizza topping, anchovy pizza might be worth a try. Just be sure to watch your sodium intake and monitor your overall calorie consumption.

Taste and Nutritional Value of Anchovy Pizza

How To Create The Best Anchovy Pizza?

If you’re a fan of anchovies, you might want to try making your own anchovy pizza. Here are a few tips to help you create the best anchovy pizza possible.

Recommended use of fresh anchovies or dried anchovies as a substitute

Fresh anchovies are the best choice for making anchovy pizza.

However, if you can’t find fresh anchovies, you can use dried anchovies as a substitute. Just make sure to rehydrate the anchovies in water before using them on your pizza.

Choosing the right ingredients to complement the flavor of anchovies

Anchovies have a strong, salty flavor that can be overpowering if not appropriately balanced.

To complement the flavor of anchovies, try using ingredients like tomatoes, olives, capers, garlic, and red pepper flakes. These ingredients will help balance the saltiness of the anchovies and add some extra flavor to your pizza.

Tips for balancing the saltiness of anchovies with other ingredients

To balance the saltiness of anchovies with other ingredients, try using a light hand when adding salt to your pizza.

You can also try soaking the anchovies in milk for a few minutes before using them on your pizza. This will help reduce the saltiness of the anchovies and make them more palatable.

Overall, making an anchovy pizza is a great way to enjoy this flavorful fish. With the right ingredients and techniques, you can create a delicious pizza that everyone will love.

How To Create The Best Anchovy Pizza

Which Toppings Complement Anchovies on Pizza?

When it comes to anchovies on pizza, you might wonder what toppings can complement this salty fish. Here are some recommended toppings that pair well with anchovies:

  • Calabrian chiles: These spicy peppers add a kick of heat that balances out the saltiness of the anchovies.
  • Garlic: Roasted or sautéed garlic adds a depth of flavor that complements the anchovies without overpowering them.
  • Tomatoes: Fresh or roasted tomatoes add a juicy sweetness that can help cut through the saltiness of the anchovies.

Of course, experimenting with different toppings is always a good idea to find the perfect combination for your taste buds. Here are some other toppings to consider:

  • Olives: The briny flavor of olives can complement the saltiness of the anchovies.
  • Capers: These small, pickled flower buds add a tangy, salty flavor that pairs well with anchovies.
  • Red onions: Sliced thinly and roasted or caramelized, red onions can add a sweet and savory flavor to your pizza.

Remember, the key is to balance the saltiness of the anchovies with other flavors that can complement them. Feel free to try new combinations and find what works best for you.

Which Toppings Complement Anchovies on Pizza

Anchovy Alternatives for Pizza Topping

If you’re not a fan of anchovies on your pizza, you can try plenty of other delicious toppings. Here are some alternatives to consider:

Other Fish Toppings

If you like the idea of a seafood pizza but don’t want to use anchovies, here are some other fish toppings to try:

  • Tuna: Tuna is a popular pizza topping that can be used in various ways. You can use canned or fresh tuna, which can be cooked or raw.
  • Salmon: Smoked salmon is a great pizza topping that adds a lot of flavor. You can also use cooked or raw salmon.
  • Shrimp: Shrimp is a delicious pizza topping that pairs well with a variety of other ingredients. It can be used cooked or raw.

Vegetarian Toppings

There are plenty of options if you’re looking for vegetarian pizza toppings. Here are some ideas:

  • Mushrooms: Mushrooms are a classic pizza topping that adds flavor and texture. You can use any mushroom, such as button, portobello, or shiitake.
  • Bell peppers: Bell peppers are a colorful and flavorful pizza topping packed with nutrients. You can use any color of bell pepper you like, such as red, green, or yellow.
  • Olives: Olives are a salty and tangy pizza topping that adds flavor. You can use black or green olives or a combination of both.

Overall, there are plenty of delicious alternatives to anchovies that you can use to top your pizza. Whether you prefer fish or vegetarian toppings, there’s something for everyone.

Anchovy Alternatives for Pizza Topping


In the end, whether or not you enjoy anchovies on pizza is a matter of personal taste. Some people love the salty, fishy flavor anchovies bring to a pizza, while others find it overpowering and unappetizing.

If you enjoy anchovies, you’ll be happy to know that they can be a great addition to a pizza. They add a unique flavor that complements other toppings and can create a truly delicious and memorable pizza experience.

However, if you’re someone who doesn’t like anchovies or is hesitant to try them, there’s no need to force yourself to eat them.

There are plenty of other delicious pizza toppings to choose from, and you can always customize your pizza to suit your personal tastes.

Ultimately, deciding to include anchovies on your pizza is up to you. Give them a try if you’re curious, but don’t feel like you have to force yourself to like them if you don’t.

With so many delicious pizza options, you’re sure to find something you love.

Hope this article provides enough information on the question: are anchovies on pizza good? Wish you have a great experience with pizza and always keep a healthy body.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of pizza is good with anchovies?

Anchovies are a great pizza topping for many different types of pizza. They pair especially well with pizzas with salty or savory flavor profiles.

Some popular pizza styles that go well with anchovies include Margherita, white pizza, and Neapolitan-style pizza.

Why do people like anchovies on pizza?

People enjoy anchovies on pizza for a variety of reasons.

Some people love the salty and savory flavor that anchovies add to the pizza. Others appreciate the unique umami flavor that anchovies bring to the table.

Additionally, anchovies are a great source of protein and healthy fats, making them a nutritious addition to any pizza.

What do anchovies taste like?

Anchovies have a distinctive salty and savory flavor that is often described as “umami.”

They have a strong flavor that can be overpowering if too many are used, but when used in moderation, they add a delicious depth of flavor to the pizza.

When to put anchovies on pizza?

Anchovies can be added to the pizza before or after it is cooked.

If you add them before cooking, they will become crispy and add a nice texture to the pizza.

If you add them after cooking, they will retain more of their salty and savory flavor.

Why don’t they put anchovies on pizza anymore?

Anchovies have fallen out of favor as a pizza topping in recent years, but they are still available at many pizzerias.

Some people simply don’t like the strong flavor of anchovies, while others may avoid them for ethical or environmental reasons.

What toppings go with anchovies on pizza?

Anchovies pair well with a variety of pizza toppings, including olives, capers, garlic, and red onions. They also go well with fresh herbs like basil and oregano.

When choosing toppings to pair with anchovies, it’s important to consider the overall flavor profile of the pizza and choose toppings that complement the salty and savory flavor of the anchovies.

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